Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Tracker?
The Tracker is an externally hosted program that users access via secure capable internet browsers such as Internet Explorer.

What are the benefits of a hosted/online Tracker?
With the prevalence of highly reliable internet connections, there are a growing number of online software programs. The benefits of online or hosted software include multi-platform compatibility and ease of setup and installation. With no computer hardware or software to maintain in the office there is no longer a need to worry about backups, upgrades or hardware failures. Another benefit of an externally hosted program is the ease of access from remote locations without private networks or security concerns.

It is secure?
Sun Data Solutions' Tracker uses the most up-to-date 128-bit data encryption to secure the connection between our servers and end-user computers. Access to the Tracker software is also controlled by username and password. Clients can designate one or more administrators to create and modify access with the administrator control panel.

Is the information I store in the Tracker safe?
We utilize the most up to date server technology to run the Tracker software. All the information stored on our servers is automatically backed up at regular intervals throughout the day.

What equipment or software is required for the Tracker?
Bar code scanners are the only equipment that a typical user will need to purchase. Each user's computer should have a barcode scanner attached to read the barcode labels. Sun Data Solutions recommends a pen-like scanner as pictured on the main page due to their durable construction, small form-factor and reasonable price. Quotes for service can include the costs for scanners for each user, or you can acquire your scanners from any third party vendor of your choice.

How do the bar code scanners work?
Barcode scanner can be the pen or wand type infared scanners or the newer laser scanenrs. They connect to a users computer either in-line with a PS/2 keyboard connection or via USB connector. The PS/2 keyboard connection is a wedge type connector that fits in-line with the existing keyboard. When a user passes the scanner over a bar code label the bar code is translated into numerical key strokes. The scanners reduce user error and make the most efficient use of time, requiring only a fraction of a second to scan each label.

What about the barcode labels?
Labels can be purchased in bulk quantities of 1000 from Sun Data Solutions or if you prefer you can print your own labels with address labels, laser printer address labels and barcode printing software. The barcode labels we typically supply to our customers are manufactured with specialized materials and methods depending on the application. This ensures the best adhesion and durability to prevent destruction or loss of labels through heavy use. The labels can also be printed with your firm or company name.

What are the alternatives for tracking items with barcodes?
There are several companies out there that will set you up with their software that requires special hardware or software to be installed at your location. These systems typically require large investments in time to install and learn to use. The maintenance factor is also burdensome and expensive. You should familiarize yourself with other offerings of these types but don't be surprised when the startup costs exceed your expectations. Even the maintenance costs of most systems is more expensive than our monthly subscription rates. You will see that the Tracker by Sun Data Solutions is a breeze to learn, requires no server hardware and doesn't cost you a dime in maintenance. On top of all that, the Tracker is built to do what you want and nothing more, nothing less. There is no cheaper solution on the market and the time you will save will produce a much greater net benefit to you.


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