Barcode Tracker

- by Sun Data Solutions

Reduce costs and boost productivity by easily tracking the exact location of every file, document or other item in your office. The Barcode Tracker's desktop tools allow staff to locate and retrieve items without a paper chase. No more wasted time searching for misplaced items.

  • Provides services in a familiar Web interface needing little training
  • Streamlines and manages repetitive business processes
  • Provides efficiency and dashboard tools at every desk
  • Ends searching and broadcast emailing to find paper records
  • Transaction history for user accountability
  • Statistical reports for productivity, usage and history
  • Customizable fields relevant to your particular use
Easy Startup and Installation - Getting set up is easy with the Tracker. Begin by bar coding each document, file, video or other item you want to track in your office. SDS can supply you with bulk labels of various materials and formatting depending on the specific application or you can produce your own barcode labels. Barcode scanners can be easily plugged into each user's computer for simple plug-and-play. Since the Tracker program is accessed via the internet there is no software to install or maintain in the office. Users simply use the internet browser of their choice to securely log into the Tracker program. Backups and maintenance are taken care of automatically so there is no risk of losing information stored in the Tracker database.

Tracking Items - Once users are logged into the Tracker they can simply scan the unique barcode affixed to or printed on the document, file or other item to update the database with a current location. Barcode scanning eliminates typographical user error and ensures the fastest and most efficient method for tracking items. With the simple user interface, users can easily find items throughout the office. The Tracker is also available for off-site tracking where only an internet connection and browser are required to access the Tracker program.


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